Squeeze brings together the finest and freshest ingredients available and artfully combines them to create a wide variety of fresh, flavorful and healthy products. Including smoothies, yogurt, energy shots, and fresh juice.

Squeeze products are designed to work with you to accomplish your fitness and wellness goals. Our creations provide enhanced nutrition for your active lifestyle and are designed to either replace a conventional meal or serve as a healthy snack. Use Squeeze products to energize you before or after a workout, or simply provide you with a healthy treat you can feel good about.

At Squeeze we are also passionate about having a positive impact on the communities we are a part of. We believe ̉The Good Life is only fully embraced when we do what we can to help our neighbors.

Coming together with our customers to make a difference in each neighborhood we are a part of is no small endeavor. Each community is unique; this is why each Squeeze store is locally owned and operated, allowing us to get to know our customers and be more intimately involved in the neighborhoods where we are located.

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